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STA believes learning happens by meeting and challenging students where they are and pushing them to continuously grow to become life-long learners.

The middle school program at St. Thomas the Apostle encourages academic excellence and leadership. The transition from elementary school to middle school marks a new set of expectations for students. STA’s middle school curriculum incorporates opportunities for students to improve their study, research and leadership skills. The rigorous curriculum builds upon the foundation established in grades K-5 and aims to prepare students for high school.

Middle School: About Us

Middle School Curriculum

  • Catholic Faith

  • Reading Workshop

  • Writing Workshop

  • Everyday Mathematics - 6th Grade; Connected Mathematics Project 3 - 7th & 8th Grade

  • FOSS Science

  • World History: myWorld Interactive Social Studies

Middle School: Text

Supplemental Programs

  • Middle School Advisory

  • 8th Grade Leadership Team

  • Study Hall Program

  • Big Shoulders Fund Stock Market Program

  • Middle School Retreat

Middle School: Text
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