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A Message from STA Parents, Jon & Cicele Bennett

Thank God for STA! We found STA in the most unconventional way: driving past on our way to visit another school! We were taken by the diversity of students and the warmth that you could feel even from outside of it’s majestic gates. Nearly four years later, we are still glad that we stopped in!

We have two sons that attend STA, Jon Wesley in third grade and Winston in first. As educators ourselves, we sought a school community that would provide a sound academic framework for our boys. To an equal extent, we wanted a place that would genuinely care for them. We wanted a place that would be an extension of our values and that would nurture character development grounded in faith. STA is that place. We are not alone in our search which is why we make an active effort to volunteer, make annual contributions and do what we can to ensure that STA can be for other families what it has been for us.

The village of STA does hard work. Teachers and staff provide best practices in instruction, facilitate social emotional learning opportunities daily and cultivate access to creative outlets. We watched as this team was able to pivot during a pandemic and provide high quality in-person and virtual learning, simultaneously. Even further, we have witnessed STA grow in a school climate where many schools are managing dwindling enrollments. These feats and others can not be accomplished without the support and gifts of people who believe that all children deserve to have such a dedicated team focused on the success of kids.

Your contribution ensures that STA can remain steadfast in its mission to serve God’s children in extraordinary variety! It’s because of you that the Jon Wesley’s and Winston’s of the world get to Reach for the STArs!

Jon and Cicele Bennett, STA Parents

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